• I am a person who was born in London some time ago and who is still alive. I work for a living.
  • this is my england is both my pen name and the name of this space.
  • I put some of my photos of England (and less often other places) here, as well as bits of writing.
  • The short stories and poems that appear here are not all completely faithfully autobiographical. 
  • For the avoidance of doubt, photographs appearing here were taken by me with my own camera. Images are not routinely sourced from elsewhere. On the very rare occasions this happens, it is made very obvious.
  • All writing appearing here is my own, with the very obvious exception of occasional quotations, which are clearly marked as such.
  • Links to websites containing the work/ideas of other people never appear here as a result of a commercial arrangement: this is my england is an ad-free space. Sometimes, I just like to praise/acknowledge/pimp out stuff I find interesting. Sometimes, certainly not always, this stuff is the work of my friends.